Tag: Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are one of the most common household pests that despite their tiny size create huge problems. They have become more difficult to get rid of as they have developed resistance to even some of the best in class pesticides that were developed to get rid of them. They travel through almost all mediums such as clothing, bedding and even furniture. It is very difficult to get rid of these from your home. If you are looking for some tips on how to prevent bed bugs, check out BuyBedBugBully.com. It has great resources that can help you to chase away the bed bugs from your home. The government website http://www1.nyc.gov/site/doh/health/health-topics/bedbugs.page has more resources and statistics with regards to bed bugs.

Signs of Bed Bug Infection
Bed bug infestation results in rashes that look something like mosquito bites. Mostly, they are active during the night but they might be active during the day as well. A bed bug bite swells into red rashes and sometimes these are capable of spreading too. The bites can sometimes be in the form of lines that itch like mosquito bites. Other signs of bed bug infestation include, melted skins of nymphs present on the bed, furniture etc. Sometimes, they smell like rotten raspberries or rotten blood. Just because they are called as bedbugs it does not mean that they will be present only in beds.

They might also be present in other furniture like desks, restaurant benches, lounges and other areas. Some of them reside in carpets as well. Library chairs, hospital beds and curtains are also areas where bedbugs hide. They are very good at clinging to different types of fabrics. Airports, hotels, buses are some of the key areas where bedbugs are most prominent. And let’s not leave out air conditioners, fans and electronic appliances. It’s not that they live only in houses that are dirty. Sometimes, even clean houses also attract bedbugs.

Getting Rid Of Bedbugs
To get rid of bedbugs, remove stands or any other components that are present in the house for a long time. Any box or fabric that is present underneath these components must be removed and cleaned thoroughly. If needed, they can be replaced as well. Check the cracks and crevices and spray adequate pesticides in these areas. If there are any frames of wood be sure to check them as well. Clean the carpets, mattress and box springs as they are most common areas where they infest. Place another mattress on top of the infected mattress and use.

Clear out nightstands and dressing tables. Make sure to examine them well and then tip them over to understand the surface underneath. Sometimes, bedbugs hide in the cracks that are present under these shelves. If you have any upholstered chairs or sofas pay close attention to the fabric to check for infection. If you use a carpet, check the carpeting for cracks and other gaps to ensure that there are no bugs present there. Sofas can be a bedbug’s favourite place too, so clean them if you sleep on them often. Using a pyrethrum based flushing agent can get rid of the bed bugs that are present in the crevices and small openings. Make sure that you dispose of any insect eggs that you notice anywhere.