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Laser hair removal

The good thing about laser hair removal is that not only women but men too could benefit through this treatment. The site http://www.beyondtalk.net/remove-unwanted-hair-home/ shows how laser hair removal can be done on face or body. Body hair removal includes legs, chest, bikini line, underarms and back. Facial hair removal includes upper lips, chin and eyebrows. This procedure helps to remove unwanted hair. Please feel free to visit http://mayoclinic.org/ for more information. Some people find it hard to get rid of very thick hair grown on places where shaving or waxing is a nightmare. Laser hair removal is the best option for them to have beautiful as well as happy results.

Procedure For Laser Hair Removal
Laser treatment is more effective during the hair growth period. Few days before the procedure, the areas which should be treated will be shaved. For the patient to feel more comfortable a gel or spray may be used. The technician and the patient should both wear glasses that are specially made to filter harmful light. The laser energy is then transferred to hair follicles with a hand-held equipment.

Post Hair Removal Treatment

Most patients don’t find any discomfort during treatment. They may return to their normal duties immediately. Patients are requested to come for follow up treatments 4 to 6 weeks after first treatment. After few sessions positive results are evident. Patients enjoy freedom from unwanted hair. They also feel that the benefits are far better, even some minor risks are involved in laser hair removal treatment.

Benefits Of Laser Treatment

Patients enjoy permanent soft, smooth and hair free skin after laser treatment. It is more efficient when compared to waxing or shaving which has to be done regularly. Shaving takes more time as well as more effort. During waxing treatment one has to undergo burning sensation each time it is done. Laser hair removal treatments provide less skin irritation than the use of hair removal creams. The chemicals in these creams can melt away the skin cells. And the results are only temporary.

Electrolysis And Laser Treatments

Electrolysis is an alternate method for hair removal. It removes hair individually by applying an electric current through a fine needle into the hair follicle. Even though electrolysis offers sure results there are no proper guidelines for qualified technicians. Electrolysis requires more time and more sessions compared to laser treatment and the risks include infection, electrical shock and bruises.

Latest Laser Treatment Technologies

The latest laser hair removal technologies have massive improvement than the conventional hair removal technologies. All the laser treatment clinics have their own hair removal system. Some of the clinics offer patients with more options and advanced treatments.

Expenses With Finance Facility

The laser hair removal technology is the best treatment method on the long run compared to normal hair removal methods, even though it is slightly costlier. The cost of treatment differs from clinic to clinic depending on their advanced treatment level. Hence most the clinics are offering finance systems in order to minimise the expenditure on one go. Some clinics are even offering EMI facility to attract the customers.