Month: April 2017


People are becoming more health and fitness conscious, and this has led to a mushrooming of health clubs and yoga centers everywhere. Are you confused about choosing the right fitness regimen that will help you lose weight, de-stress and stay fit? Here, we’ll be focusing on helping you realize how you stand to gain from yoga or aerobics. You can also go through my personal yoga burn review for a deeper understanding.

We have compiled this little list of the benefits of yoga and exercise to share with you. The fitness experts at have thrown valuable insights that have been included in this list as well. So, let’s get started!

Yoga vs. exercise
The answer to this question would largely depend on your personal fitness goals. Are you in this to lose weight or to have a well-toned body and mind? If fat-burning is your primary concern, then we suggest cardio exercises as the best option for you. Yoga, on the other hand, would be preferable for someone who wants to maintain a good muscle tone while preventing weight gain. Mind relaxation is another much sought after benefit of doing yoga.

Research studies have shown that you need to exercise vigorously for 45-60 minutes if you want to have any real weight loss. You can achieve this by doing demanding cardio activities like a treadmill, running, tennis or aerobics. On an average, you would burn 35% less calories doing yoga compared to cardio.

Yoga that suits you
Yoga classes at different centers can be as different as chalk and cheese. A mind-relaxing, restorative yoga class would not be of much help to your weight loss plans. There are strenuous, vigorous versions of yoga too which heats up your body and burns calories.

Vinyasa yoga, for instance, requires you to strike a stream of poses using breathing exercises and regular body movement to aid fat burning. Ashtanga yoga also throws challenging poses and sequences at you that burns calories. Power yoga will take your weight loss plans one notch higher with its tough fitness-class style workouts.

Get more out of your yoga
Yoga can go a long way to improve your flexibility. This makes sticking to your exercise schedule without injuries easier. The breathing exercising like Pranayama greatly increases the amount of oxygen absorbed by your lungs and delivered to your bloodstream. This oxygen-rich blood aids muscles in burning the fat more efficiently. The various poses you strike during your yoga session target different muscles and help in improving your muscle tone. Your weight-loss initiative also stands to gain as yoga helps in de-stressing which in turn helps in controlling your junk food cravings.

So, as we have seen, Yoga may not be your best bet to lose weight rapidly. But it does help in building those muscles which will burn your fat away even when you are not working out. Mixing up yoga with cardio might be the best solution for your fitness woes. You will be able to figure out what works for you once you take out that yoga mat and start doing those poses!